Why Choose BONUS Building Care Commercial Cleaning


The ongoing effort of finding a good and reliable cleaning service can be a daunting task for many facility managers.  Although there are several companies to choose from, how can you be certain to choose the right one?  How do you stay away from bad service, over-billing and shady cleaning companies whose unsafe practices can cause damage to your property, warrant unwanted hassles and cause major headaches?  Avoid companies that make these common mistakes by choosing a company that really “CARES” about its name and is known to utilize only the finest cleaning products and has the reputation and proven track record of providing the best commercial cleaning service while being experts at customer relations.  At BONUS Building Care we are all that and we are there for you.

Through the years BONUS Building Care has proven that you don’t have to be the largest commercial cleaning company in the world to be the best in the industry.  Our commercial cleaning franchisees have the training, the knowledge and the motivation to perform a plethora of commercial cleaning services at a fair price.  With decades of commercial cleaning experience behind them, the BONUS franchisees have the ability to tackle any cleaning situation and strive for only one thing, and that is to make you happy by being the best at what they do.  At BONUS, we want to be the last commercial cleaning company you will ever need to hire!

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