BoGREEN™ Cleaning

What is Green Cleaning?  The federal government has defined green cleaning as “products and services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products and services that serve the same purpose.”  This definition is known as Executive Order 13101 and was instituted to protect the health of our planet as well as its inhabitants.

BONUS® Building Care Loves our Planet

BONUS® has long been aware of the global impact commercial cleaning products can have on our planet and have always used eco-friendly alternatives that have put BONUS® Building Care at the forefront in the green cleaning arena. BONUS® in Atlanta was instrumental in helping Philips Arena become the first-ever “LEED® Certified” Green NBA or NHL arena of its kind.  With the assistance of Southface, a nonprofit organization that has been promoting the green effort for over 30 years, through our BoGREEN™ program, BONUS® Building Care continues to be a leader in utilizing green, earth-friendly products and procedures that are both eco-friendly and extremely effective.

BoGREEN™ VS Conventional Chemicals

Although BoGREEN™ cleaning products are free of harsh chemicals, conventional chemicals may have carcinogens that contain cancer causing agents.  Other harmful agents include teratogens that are known to cause birth defects and mutagens that have been found to alter DNA. Other benefits of green cleaning are the overall improvement of air quality, the reduction of wastes and the absence of phosphates and phosphonates to name a few.

Other Factors to Consider

The EPA rates indoor air quality as a top five health risk and estimates that two-thirds of our buildings are rated “SICK” with over 100 million lost work days from poor indoor air quality.  With 80% of our time being spent indoors there are many good reasons why you should keep your facility in tip-top shape with a scheduled BoGREEN™ cleaning program.
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