BONUS Franchisee Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why should I go into business for myself?

There are three main reasons:  Higher income, job security, and personal satisfaction.  BONUS is a way to be your own boss, set your own hours and create your own destiny.

2.  Will I have to give up my present job?

Absolutely not!  Most BONUS franchise owners start part-time, keeping their regular jobs.  They work evenings and weekends, setting their own times.  When their business grows large enough, many have decided to go into it full-time.  Others have started full-time while others keep it only as an extra income.

3.  What type of experience must I have?

One of the great things about this business is that you need no previous experience or training.  We will show you what it takes to know how to run a successful commercial cleaning service.  We even offer free, optional training programs as you grow with BONUS.

4.  How old must I be to own my own business?

With BONUS age, sex or race is not a factor.  Everyone has an equal chance to own their own BONUS franchise.

5.  Is it easy to get started?

Yes, very easy with BONUS.  Once you have signed your Franchise Agreement you will go into training.  After training, you will receive your first account.  It’s that easy.

6.  What kind of earnings may I expect?

That depends on you, the time you’re willing to spend, whether you hire people to work for you and so forth.

7.  Is a big investment necessary?

Believe it or not, a very modest investment puts you into business. Compare that to typical competitors and you’ll find we are one of the lowest investments in the franchising industry.

8.  Is financing available?

Yes, if you meet all requirements, you can get started with a small down payment. Where else can you find such an opportunity?

9.  What if I’ve never sold anything before?

Well, then that makes you typical.  Most BONUS Franchisees haven’t sold anything before.  BONUS maintains a full sales staff and telemarketers working daily to obtain business for you.  In addition, we offer training to teach you the BONUS way in sales.

10.  What if I don’t know anything about running a business?

Again, that’s not unusual.  For all practical purposes we put you into business and offer you step by step instructions we have developed over the years.  Starting with the actual cleaning side of the business, to how to manage people, safety, operations, sales and marketing.  We even help with your accounting and insurance needs.  Your area support offices staff in all aspects of your business.

11.  What kind of business can I expect to receive?

That is one of the best aspects of BONUS.  You have the opportunity of servicing daytime, afternoon or evenings –  working, full-time or part-time.  You could do retail stores, medical facilities, office buildings, restaurants, government buildings, movie theaters – you name it!  All businesses must be cleaned, and you only clean the ones you want because it’s your business.

12.  What kind of support can I expect from BONUS?

Nobody…and we mean nobody gives you the type of support we offer, not just training but actual hands on support from being with you on the first night of cleaning on each new account, to doing your invoicing and collecting, providing a 24 hour answering service and hotline for your customers, advancing funds on work completed but not yet paid on, equipment leasing, insurance programs to meet your business insurance needs, plus so many other support systems not mentioned.

Call 1-800-931-1102 and find out about the most exciting opportunity in franchising today.